Sunday, January 2, 2011

Soup Joumou and the Canada Games Oval

Halifax is hosting the Canada Games in February and one of the new attractions is an outdoor skating oval. On New Years Day we decided to give it a try.

With all of the rollar blading Peter has been doing, he's an old pro at skating. This was only his 2nd time on the ice and he is doing great.

Gaelle asked for skates for Christmas which was a bit of a surprise. I wanted skates to be Peter's main present from us, but wasn't sure how Gaelle would like that. But then she went and asked for them. Perfect!!! I tried to prep Gaelle for the difficulties of ice skating. Sure enough, her first time on the ice she said, "This is hard!!!" But with her determination, I know she will catch on very fast.

Wow, look at my 5 handsome kids!!!! I love this picture.

January 1 is also Independence Day for Haiti. It's tradition to celebrate with pumpkin soup. There are so many recipes on the internet so I just chose one and reminded Peter that it probably wouldn't taste like anything he remembered.

Basically the soup is like a beef stew with some rice or noodles and pumpkin thrown in. Several of the sites mention using butternut squash in place of pumpkin so that's what I did. We had some friends over to help us celebrate and fortunately the soup was a hit. Carol brought a meat pie and that was also a hit. The day was a great start to the new year.

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