Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy PG Day

One year ago today, an AirTransat plane landed in Ottawa with all of the kids from GLA headed to Canadian families. It was an intense month and we weren't the ones who lived through an earthquake with all of the aftershocks.

Whenever we talk about going back to Haiti, the only people Peter and Gaelle want to see are Molly and Joyce. It's as tho their life before GLA never happened. They do miss their friends but they are very aware that none of their friends live at Kay B anymore. I look back at these pictures and am just struck by how scared the kids look. I can't even imagine what must have been going through their minds. What an intense time.

We celebrated our day with a snow day from school (more like a freezing slush day) and a fried chicken and potato wedges meal.

Peter requested the chicken and Gaelle requested "shicos". One of the few Creole words that has remained. We call them cheesies or those yellow puffed corn chips. Gaelle also wanted pop, after all, it was a party.

We couldn't agree on a special dessert, so we chose a variety of cakes from the store. Yum...

We finished our day in the typical way. Wii bowling. Bedtime stories. And loving and huggings.

And what does PG Day stand for? Well, we couldn't agree on a name for our 1 year anniversary, and we had some crazy suggestions. So it just became PeterGaelle Day, or PG Day.


Anonymous said...

I like PG Day. That's what I'll put on my calendar to remind me when my two grandchildren came into my life. I am very thankful.

Kathy adoptive mom ..hopefully said...

It has been one heck of a year. Glad to see the children are growing and enjoying their new home. Saraphina looks at your blog and see still remember Gaelle. Here's to another great year for your family and ours.
Kathy, Mike, Emma, Lola and Saraphina