Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa Talk

When Josh, Emily, and Kaylin were little, Santa wasn't a part of our Christmas celebrations. When Josh was 3 somebody asked him what Santa was going to bring him for Christmas and he just looked at me... totally confused. What? Santa brings presents?

Fast forward to 2 more little kids in the house and I'm afraid Robin's inner child is coming out. Peter and Gaelle were at the mall this weekend and were thrilled with all of the Christmas decorations including the big chair Santa sits in. So tonight they told Robin they were getting their picture taken with Santa.

Then Peter asked Robin, "Are you going to be Santa? Are you going to drink the milk and eat the cookies?"

Gaelle looked a little concerned. So Robin said to Gaelle, "Where does Santa live?"

Gaelle meekly said, "North Pole?"

Robin said, "Where do I live?"

She said, "Here."

So Robin throws out his arms and said, "Welllll....." as if he couldn't possibly be Santa.

Her whole spirit transformed as if the light suddenly came on. She joyously shouted out, "See Peter!"

Of course Peter wouldn't give up, but Gaelle was satisfied and Robin walked away with a little grin.

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