Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Toy phone

Gaelle's birthday is coming up and all she has asked for... well the one thing she keeps coming back to... is a telephone. She and Peter would both love a REAL phone but Gaelle has always been just as happy to have a toy telephone.

She and Peter have been scrounging money from the couches and various other places in the house. With 3 teens and 2 adults in the house they have finally managed to find $1.95. So today was the appointed day to go to the Dollar Store and spend it.

Gaelle wandered the aisles for 30 minutes and couldn't decide what she wanted. I wasn't in a hurry so I just let her wander. She finally spotted a toy telephone and her mind was suddenly made up.

It has been so much fun listening to her talk on the phone this afternoon. EVERYBODY is calling her and she's just full of news. So cute!!! If I had known a $1 phone would be so much fun for me, I would have bought it myself.

We picked up Emily from work and the first thing out of Gaelle's mouth. "I have a phone and it has buttons. Look!!!"

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