Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Josh has been home for 3 months but on Saturday it was time for him to head back to school. Gaelle was spinning all week because this is a big change for the family and for her. So we tried to reassure her that he was coming back for Christmas. So that's been her mantra. She tells us all, "Josh is coming home for Chreesmus!!" Yikes, can you imagine the spinning and excitement when December rolls around?

Josh packed up his stuff with plenty of room to spare.

And away he went. The summer has flown by altho I know there have been many moments for Josh when the summer just dragged on. I'm so thankful he was able to be home for the summer. I loved having him around and I know it was great for him to really get to know Peter and Gaelle.

Josh and Gaelle really seem to have connected in their own bizarre way. I think it was over Survivor Man videos. But whatever it was, she even picked up some of his lingo. Whenever somebody has been put in their place by somebody else, Josh will let out a "snap" or "boom". On Joshua's last night home, Josh told Gaelle to stop something and she ignored him. So Robin stepped in and confirmed that Gaelle needed to stop what she was doing. Gaelle tapped her chest and let out a "BOOM". We all just laughed. It was just what Josh would have said.

We miss you Josh. We're praying for you and we'll see you at Chreesmus.

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Kristen Fitzgerald said...

My son leaves for his junior year at UConn next week....it's still hard for me (and he's not even that far from home!) My daughter (age 5) will miss him too....you have a beautiful family! I am Kristen from My Story LIfebooks - can you email me at Contactus@MyStoryLifebooks.com ? I have been waiting for Tonggu Momma to forward me your email/info (plus I've been having some health issues) but I can see that she has been very busy - so I thought I'd try to get in touch on my own. Thank you - and love your blog!