Saturday, November 1, 2008

October update

The anticipation builds as each month ends because we know we'll receive our update.   Then it arrives.... and it's always a bit of a let down.  Because I want more.  More information.  More contact.  More pictures.  Other adoptive parents feel as though they get to know their children.  I feel so out in the dark.  I feel as though I don't know anything.  I know bits and pieces but I don't really know them at all.  

Look at Peterson's knees.  I can imagine that he is all boy.  I can imagine that he plays on the ground and scuffs his knees.  But what does he play?  What sounds does he make?  Does he have a favorite toy?  How does he laugh?  I don't know anything.

Gaëlle sounds like a little diva.  But does she whine?  What makes her laugh?  Does she like her doll?  In one of the first pictures we saw, she had on feet pajamas and she looked so tiny.  Now she looks like a young lady.  She always has sandals that are too big.  Does she demand to wear them?  Or are her feet just so tiny?  I don't have a clue.

It doesn't look like I'll know the answers any time soon.


Rebekah Hubley said...

you should e-mail molly or joyce some of your questions. They would be more than willing to answer them! They just like e-mails short and sweet. They know that parents are dying to know things...I would e-mail and explain how you feel and that you have a couple questions that you would love to know!!! they are great girls and love your kiddos, and love to help out! Just a thought....

Anonymous said...

yes these children need to come home now!!!!before they grow another inch!!!


small town girl said...

Your children are beautiful! And...I know how how you feel.

Jaime said...

I also encourage you to e-mail Joyce or Molly. Molly sent me some information when I asked questions about Jean Dany's teeth. It looked like he had gotten injured (turns out he didn't) but anyway, she sent me a very loving e-mail (with extra pics!)

I met your Peterson this week... a very, very sweet boy. He is learning English well also. I can't wait to hear that he and Gaelle are home with you. He showed me who his sister was with pride. He seems to be such a laid back, soft hearted guy! I'd bring him home with me in a heartbeat!!!