Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Almost 10 Years Old

Gaëlle will be in Haiti for her 10th birthday and so I threw her party early. I surprised her with a spa party complete with pedicures and manicures. 

The party was for 10 people and Gaëlle knew she wanted her big sisters there. She was also able to invite a couple of other special older girls. 

All of the girls get white robes. 

Except the birthday girl who gets a pink one. 

The girls enjoyed looking at magazines during their down times. 

The girls were split in 2 groups. While one group was getting manicures, the other group was having pedicures. 

These 3 were always full of smiles. 

Choosing the nail color. 

Looking to see what the other group was doing. 

Pretty toes. 

Drying toes. 

Finished fingernails. 

A group shot. 

Another group shot. 

Happy Birthday Gaëlle. 

She asked for a mint design on her cake but not a mint flavour. Gaëlle and I made the cake and Robin decorated. 10 lovely candles. 

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