Saturday, June 20, 2015

MTI June 2015

Missionary Training Institute was at Indiana Wesleyan University from June 7- 19. The kids were all there and had their own daily program and instruction. They learned about being missionary kids and living in different cultures and had a lot of fun at the same time. 

The kids' program was based in the lounge of the dorm we were all staying at. 

The kids were taught by two Missionary Kids.

The youth had their own program and were also taught by two missionary kids.

One day the youth traveled to Ohio to an amusement park. They had a full fun day. 

Our final night of the 2 weeks ended with a consecration service. It was a great service and full of encouragement and prayer.

I didn't take any photos so I grabbed these from somebody else. I don't know if I will get any others. 

The adults had training from 8:30 - 5:00 each day. We had 7 different tracks with current missionaries doing the teaching. There were lots of highlights and lots of information. It was so helpful to have the wisdom from those who have served in so many different capacities. 

There were 15 of us in 5 family units headed to Haiti so one family brought a flag for our floor. 

One of the tracks was on language. The trainer has a Masters Degree in linguistics so some of our handouts reminded me of Emily and all of the topics she is learning. 

Robin celebrated his 50th birthday while we were there. The kids sent videos to Kaylin and she put them together in a video for Robin. As you can tell, he enjoyed it very much. 

Our 2nd week of training there were 25 current missionaries back in the US for Partnership Development. They had devotions with us but then had their own sessions. They brought different foods and drinks for us all to try. Some was devoured. The "Qurt Balls" were not a favourite but definitely the talk of the week. 

Each week we went to a local ice cream place. Robin enjoyed a banana split which was huge. 

We all did a bit of hanging out at night in the dorm. The kids were in heaven with all of the socializing. 

This is the outside of our dorm.

Loading up the van and heading to the airport. 

There were lots of kids and lots of babies. It really added to the mix and was a lot of fun.

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