Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's March Madness

On Robin's last day of work, his co-worker took him out for ribs. Robin has huge respect for the people he works with and will miss the camaraderie, but so far is not missing the job at all.

Robin's cooking interest is coming out a bit. He got a craving for his mom's gingerbread cake. So he made some. Unfortunately, it was not quite like moms. I think he over beat it and it was too dense. He'll try again. 

March is birthday month around here. Kaylin got Peter a shirt that just made her laugh. Peter loves it. 

I tried a new cake for Kaylin's birthday and that's what Peter requested for his birthday cake. For the past few years I think we've had the lemon meringue cake. This year it is Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake. It is like a giant cookie. 

It is currently March Break for the kids. No school. Robin is off so on Tuesday, he took the kids bowling. He got a picture of GaĆ«lle in her eclectic dress style. She loves skirts with leggings under them. 

The big story of March is our snow. On Sunday we had a storm that shut a lot of things down. In fact a lot of churches, including ours, had services on Saturday night. Then Wednesday morning we woke up to another blizzard. We knew it was coming but we ended up with twice as much snow as we thought we would get. And it was windy. All day long. 

We haven't worried too much about the snow on the back deck, but during Wednesday's storm, Robin decided he should clear it off. So he climbed a ladder and went to work. 

After lunch we all went outside and had a go at it. 

This is the view from the road to our house. The black car is pretty much covered. 

I don't know if you can tell but Peter and Robin are standing on snow trying to dig down. 

Robin and Peter were outside for 3 solid hours. Whew. 

This was a good afternoon to be inside playing games. I haven't played the Bazaar game in a long time and had forgotten how great it is. It's from Discovery Toys and one of the games my mom got at a garage sale. I just have to say that I have loved all of the games and puzzles we have had from Discovery Toys. Good times.

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