Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Typical evening

Every night Gaëlle has reading to do. This is often a bit of a struggle. Since starting French school, it's still a struggle but it's one Robin deals with usually. He's become incredibly patient. We know why it's a struggle. Well not really. I don't know why reading is difficult for her, but we know why the struggle is more intense then it needs to be. She does not like to be out of control. This is common for kids from her background. They have absolutely no say or control and life has thrown them some HUGE challenges. So when they can gain control, they take it. Even if it hurts them. Reading is clearly one of those areas that she takes control when she can. She pretends she doesn't know words/sounds/ideas/ etc. Because she often doesn't know them. We try not to make it an issue of control, but it's soooo hard to stay patient and calm. 

Fortunately she is a bright girl. I have no doubt that when she chooses to master the material, it will happen. She will make it happen.

And she loves to be read to. LOVES it.

Crafting is huge in our family. Right now, the evenings are spent with rainbow loom bracelets and all kinds of drawing. Yes, Peter likes to play with the rainbow bands also.

Evenings are full of dishes. Robin and I share this chore.

The rainbow loom belongs to Gaëlle and she gets all kinds of ideas from videos online. She even pretends to make her own videos. It is so cute. I would love to secretly videotape her. She is so professional and matter of fact. 

And now that the Olympics have started, we have spent a little bit of time watching the winter fun. Go Canada.

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