Friday, April 5, 2013

Mini Road Trip

Last weekend we headed to Moncton where Kaylin was working hard on the online course she needs for her summer job. It's supposed to take a week to finish and she tried to fit it in a long weekend. So, last minute, we decided to combine a visit with Kaylin and a trip to Crystal Palace.  

The kids were pretty excited when we told them we were going. And just full of smiles as they tried all the rides.

Gaëlle didn't have any troubles with bumper cars and was right in the thick of it. Both of them also just loved spinning around.

Peter is an old pro at laser tag but this was Gaëlle's first time and she was ready for battle.

It was cute to see their nervousness as they started out on the rides and then their enthusiasm as they raced from ride to ride. The swings were first up for them and both of them held on tight but still had huge smiles. By the end of the afternoon, Gaëlle was rocking in her chair and both of them were hands free; whooping it up. 

Not their favourite but that doesn't stop either one of them. Full of laughs and smiles. 

After we finished at Crystal Palace, we picked up Kaylin again and went out to supper. Then it was time for home. I'm sorry Kaylin couldn't make it home for Easter, but I'm glad we had the chance to just  hop in the car and go. Good ol' spontaneity. 

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