Sunday, December 4, 2011

Big happenings

We finally took Peter to have his eyes tested and it turns out, that yes, he needs glasses. So here he is in all his handsomeness. He doesn't seem to mind wearing them and really just needs them for school and TV but he is wearing them all the time. He can tell the difference which I think helps him to wear them.

Gaƫlle with a loose tooth is like a girl with a mission saying, "It must come out." She wiggled it so much this week and made her gums bleed several times. Then finally on Friday night she happened to touch it absent mindedly and it just came out. So now she is $1 richer.

And notice the silk cap. She almost never wears a sleep cap altho it would help her hair maintain a style longer. But I don't force it unless she is getting a coconut oil treatment. And Friday night was designated coconut oil night. So I think the cap stayed on the entire night.

We do a few activities for advent. We have an advent wreath with candles and every Sunday we just say a scripture and tell the symbolism of the candle. We also have an advent tree with heart pockets that I fill with candy. Last year we read Jotham's Journey which was a big hit.

This year we are doing a Jesse Tree every night. I downloaded the free resource from Ann Voskamp's blog. It's simple and the kids enjoy it so I'm pleased with this. Every night we read scripture and the kids put one of paper ornaments on the tree. Ann has some great thoughts each day but I tend to summarize those. Simple.

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