Saturday, July 23, 2011

Festival time

Gaëlle hasn't been able to climb up to the top of the wave statue at the waterfront. Last night we went downtown for the African Heritage Festival and the kids spent some time climbing the wave. And she made it to the top for the first time.


Peter can easily make it to the top now. He doesn't have any problem at all and wants the world to know it.

We ate some yummy food at the African Heritage Festival. Altho Peter and Gaëlle's reaction to this is always so interesting. They see all the brown faces and they initially want nothing to do with it. Gaëlle especially is full of ... I hesitate to describe her reaction. Let's just say she is hesitant.

But Robin and I ate and loved the food and the kids eventually did too.

I let Peter take the camera and get some pictures. This is what he came back with. We only saw some groups singing. Once again, I loved it, but initially the kids just sat back and watched. And we only had a few puzzled glances at us. This crowd is mostly immigrants and they are much more likely to look at our family with open and complete curiosity. Whereas local NS blacks just look at us like anybody else.

We missed the African dancing and drumming. This is just a little festival but I"m glad we went and maybe next year we'll be able to take in more.

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Anonymous said...

I love that first picture of Peter and Gaelle!!! That's a keeper! Carol