Tuesday, February 15, 2011

C'est la vie

CBC radio has an interesting show about the French language. They take common phrases and ask French people on the street how they use it in every day speech. Today the show featured a professor in Quebec who teaches a Haitian Creole course and Haitian history. Robin said he learned quite a bit just in the short time he listened. One thing we've noticed with Gaelle is that she throws in Creole words with her English. Just a few words and today Robin got some insight into that.

One of the words Gaelle has kept is "lee". In Creole it is used for "it" or "he" or "she". So Gaelle might say, "Where lee going?" It just sounds like she's not pronouncing her words correctly. Another one she uses and this is familiar to us because of French, is the word "sul". I'm typing it as she pronounces it. This means "just" or "only", at least that's how it's used in French. So Gaelle might say, "Lee's sul tired." She means, "He's just tired."

Anyway, here's the link to the radio show. Very interesting.

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