Monday, October 25, 2010


Robin's mom moved to Halifax September 2009. We've all enjoyed having her around and have loved seeing her interact with Peter and Gaelle. She saves her calendar pages of cute animals for them, shares her gum with them, and will patiently sit and listen to them.

She also sits patiently with Snickers and scratches her back. Last week Grammy made another move. This time to Yarmouth. We're all so sad to see her go but hope this will be a good move for her.

We've also had another huge change in our family. Robin went back to work today. His 9 month family leave has ended and now we're all getting used to some big changes. It means more responsibility for Emily and Kaylin. It means after school care 3 days a week for Peter and Gaelle. And it means they stay at school for lunch every day.

BIG CHANGE. We will all miss the stability and steady presence that he has provided the past 9 months. But so far so good. Our first day went smoothly and the kids seem to be handling the change well.

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