Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Adoption news

Well... it's not news for us, but it still gives me hope. Several families from our orphanage were pulled from parquet in November 2008 to get Presidential dispense (special permission) to adopt from Haiti. We joined them in April. To my knowledge, not a single family from that batch in November has gotten their dispense... until this week. Finally, a couple of families from our orphanage have gotten their dispense and moved back to parquet.

We're praying we'll join them soon!!!


Jaime said...

I am praying you join us as well. Very quickly!!!!! Your strength through this adoption has encouraged me many times to stay positive and keep resting in Jesus. Thank you for you example and I pray your good news come any day now. I pray for your family and kids often.

Gwen said...

Praying with you, Beth - that you will get the pres dispensation any day!!
Looking forward to rejoicing with you on that day! : )