Monday, April 6, 2009

Good & Bad News

Well, it happened. We've been kicked out of Parquet and over to Presidential Dispense. I've been waiting for this. Most of the families from our orphanage with bio children were sent to Presidential Dispense back in November. That's one reason I knew something was up with our file. Our orphanage knew too. Fortunately our file didn't stay lost but now that Parquet has had a chance to actually look at it, they've decided to "kick" us out. This was our email today.

Hello Robin and Beth,

I wanted to let you know that Peterson and Gaelle's file has been sent for a presidential dispense because of you having biological children in your family. This process has been taking several months at this time. Once the dispense is granted, then their file will return to Parquet to receive the Parquet approval.

I'm sorry that you will now have to go through another delay. At first, Parquet told us they were not going to require a dispense for your family because of their mistake of misplacing the file. But now they are insisting that the dispense be gotten.

I will be sure to let you know just as soon as the dispense is granted for your file.

So, what's the good news? I knew that this was probably going to happen. If not in Parquet, it could always be requested later by another office. So, finally it happened.

The bad news? Well, that's obvious. More delay.


Jaime said...

I'm so sorry for the frustration! I am praying that they will just get these dispensations all signed quickly to clear out their offices! It's beginning to look like we might meet up in Haiti one of these days... praying it is sooner rather than later!

Rebekah Hubley said...

praying for you! You were always my prayer warrior, and I will stand in the gap for you now!

Praying for you heart tonight!!!!


Jaime said...

Beth- I made my blog private but would love to keep you as a reader/prayer partner if you are interested. Just send me an e-mail to redeemedin80@yahoo. com (no spaces) and I'll send you an invitation. Thanks!

Rebekah Hubley said...


Will you add me too.

small town girl said...

I'm catching up with your blog. I'm sorry to hear this. We were able to get dispense before we left IbESR but it took a very long time to get thru it. I think it still has to go to the same place for the signiature/stamp. I enjoyed your Haiti video, recognized the intro at the courtyard @ Walls :)