Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guess who's 18?

In one month we have 6 birthdays; 4 of our children (3 at home and 1 in Haiti) and 2 grandparents. So this is a joyous time but also a time of reflection. We have another child who has joined the ranks of adulthood, of sorts. Emily is 18!!! Still not independent but definitely heading in that direction. She is flexing her wings and getting ready to fly off. At times this is a scarey thought for us, but usually we look at her with pride and excitement. We know that she loves the Lord, she loves her family and she loves life. We pray that she continues to look to God for all the major decisions she'll be making. And we'll be sitting back cheering her on. Probably saying too much at times and not enough at other times. We love her so much and just want God's best for her.

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