Friday, December 14, 2007

The Book of Negroes

I always love it when a book whets my curiosity; when I'm fascinated enough to go on a search for more tidbits of truth and knowledge.  The Book of Negroes (Canadian Edition)
by Lawrence Hill is such a novel.  I could use words like mesmerizing and compelling to describe his narrative about a young girl's journey from Africa to the US and Nova Scotia, back to Africa and ending in England. The harsh reality of the slave trade and the desperate conditions in Birchtown, Nova Scotia are plainly recorded in previous works but Hill brings together details of historical fact through the 
courage of his main character, Aminata Diallo.

In particular, I was curious about "The Book of Negroes".  Yes, it does exist.  This was a hand written book of all the blacks leaving New York City after the American Revolution on British ships.  Some of those leaving were still in chains, slaves of wealthy loyalists.  However, there were those who had gained their freedom fighting on the side of the British.  Information can be found here.  

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